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Romeo and Juliet Texting (Funny Tid Bit)
Eye Spy Shakespeare
This Weeks Agenda 11/12-11/16
2*& 5* Final Journal Reflection
Scars 2*&5*
scene rubric
monologue rubric
Syllabus T2
Performance FEBRUARY 7th @ 6pm
This Week's Agenda 1/14-1/18
This Week's Agenda 1/7-1/11
This Week's Agenda 12/17-12/20
Mid Summer Scene from class
Mid Summer Map
This Week's Agenda 12/10-12/14
Shakespeare Or HiP Hop
This Week's Agenda 12/3-12/7
This Week's Agenda 11/26-11/30
Globe Theater Intro
This Week's Agenda 11/5-11/9
FINAL Shakespeare Presentation
Vocabulary Words to Define Part 2
monologue example of character
This Weeks Agenda
Ideas for writing James and the Giant Peach Review including Rubrics
Words to be Defined
Words to be Defined
Words to be defined
This Week's Agenda 10/22-10/26
Critique/Feedback Rubric
This Week Agenda 10/15-10/19
James and the Giant Peach Review
Weekly Agenda 10/8-10/12
Weekly Agenda 9/24-9/28
Children's Stories
Ensemble Activity-Directing
YES Game Ensemble Activities Examples
The Importance of Family
AGENDA 9/17-9/21
This Week Agenda
Grip Top Sock